Regional Sales Manager

Join us now, keep your day job: Sell 10, you make $30K. Sell 100, you make $300K!!
We are looking for regional sales managers across the USA. These are commission only sales positions, that could turn into full time employment with base pay and commission plans, depending on your success rate and motivation. Our products have already started to revolutionize our markets in Canada, and now, we are going to bring them to the USA!
If you are a sales professional, who can close medium to large B to B business, you should read on. Hydrogen power is coming, and it is coming fast!!
Welcome to Hydrogen on Demand Professionals (HoD Pros) www.hodpros.com, the company that is changing the trucking industry forever. We deliver win, win, win solutions to the transportation industry. This is new science, but proven, with hundreds of millions of real road miles, and 5 years of real in field trucking, bus, heavy equipment, marine and power generator, successful on board deployments!!
Win #1. The environment; by reducing all engine pollution emissions by up to 99% Truckers (GO GREEN AND CLEAN!!)
Win #2. The vehicle owner enjoys; a reduction in maintenance costs of up to 50%, and gets driver noticeable increases in power, torque and smother running. These are often larger savings than the fuel savings below.
Win #3. The vehicle owner and the US economy; most vehicles will burn between 10% and 30% less fuel, a very big deal to truck or bus fleet owners, or owners of multiple large diesel engines for any application including power generation and marine.
Numbers 2 and 3 can double or even triple most trucking company's profits. (cost savings go directly to the bottom line!)
We (HoD Pros) are a master distributor of two revolutionary, industry changing Hydrogen on Demand products to markets here in the US, as well as Mexico, Latin America and South America. Our name is Hydrogen on Demand Professionals, HoD Pros LLC, www.hodpros.com.
One is an on-board Hydrogen on demand product, that injects small amount on Hydrogen into the air intake manifold of any 5 liter and up diesel engine. It gets the Hydrogen through electrolysis with power from the generator. The results are quite astonishing, but mainly the fuel mixed with hydrogen burns at almost 100% efficiency instead of (with no hydrogen) a combustion efficiency as low as 70% in many engines. This complete burn reduces both internal (back into the engine) and external (into the atmosphere) pollutants to almost zero ( harmful pollutants being reduced by up to 86%).
This much improved complete fuel burn delivers up to a 30% decrease in fuel consumption, and at least a 50% decrease in engine and pollution filter maintenance, carbon credits, and tax breaks from both the state and federal governments. For the 10 MILLION truckers on the road today. This is a very big deal!! (the product's list price is $15K, with an average 6 month ROI)
The second product is a stationary Hydrogen on Demand engine purging / engine carbon cleaning product, that produces much larger amounts of hydrogen (up to 35 liters a minute). This product also gets the Hydrogen into the motor through the air intake manifold, but only for an hour or so. The result is all the carbon and sludge deposits in the engine are burned out. Think of it as a "one hour overhaul for both cars and trucks", and they are doing thousands a day in Asia, especially Japan and Taiwan.
The testimonials are all the same. My older car or truck (usually 70,000 miles plus) is running like new again. Or, first it failed smog certification, then (after the carbon cleaning it passed smog!), and I can feel it running smoother with more power!
We sell these to garages, mechanic chains like Goodyear & Midas, smog certification companies and truck stops and truck stop chains (we are going to purge the truck engines while installing on board HoD) across North America, Latin America, Mexico and South America. (the list price for this product is also $15K, and the ROI depends on how many $250 overhauls you do. The payback is 60 overhauls, which could be done in as little time as 10 days!!!
If you are a professional sales person, this is a serious opportunity, the management of HoD Pros have started 7 other companies. 5 have done successful IPO's, and the other 2 were aquired

Don't Be Fooled

The fraudster will send a check to the victim who has accepted a job. The check can be for multiple reasons such as signing bonus, supplies, etc. The victim will be instructed to deposit the check and use the money for any of these reasons and then instructed to send the remaining funds to the fraudster. The check will bounce and the victim is left responsible.

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